Posted by Lucca Verrelli
It’s that time of year where we start to see new arrivals for the fall and winter seasons slowly begin to trickle into the shop. First up, we have an early delivery from the one and only Engineered Garments. We are very excited about this delivery not only because the pieces are predictably all standouts, but we are also excited to learn about the inspiration behind the collection. For FW22, Daiki Suzuki drew inspiration from the 2019 film “The Lighthouse.” Set in New England in the late 19th century, the film explores the slow descent into madness of two lighthouse keepers, or “wickies,” portrayed masterfully by Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. All of us at the shop are huge fans of movies in general and this modern masterpiece directed by Robert Eggers in particular. Suzuki’s inspiration for the collection is not only displayed through the obvious parallels between the costumes, colours and tones of the film and the military/workwear aspects of Engineered Garments’ aesthetic, but also through the mood and singular artistic vision of the picture itself and its auteur Eggers. As a clothing brand, Engineered Garments is able to fuse inspiration from a vast range of periods and styles while maintaining a cohesive perspective that transcends genre. In this way, Engineered Garments’ design sensibilities mirror the cinematic expression found in The Lighthouse.

The first delivery includes some staple pieces, such as the 19th century BD in blackwatch flannel. The NB jacket makes its return, as well as the Andover pant, both featured in grey poly wool herringbone. Additionally, we have received three colours of the wool watch cap (olive, copper and black), which will surely prove to be a hot commodity by the time the winter temperatures hit.