Posted by Lucca Verrelli
Now that we’re finally experiencing some typical summer weather, it’s a great time to put together more looks with bold prints, lighter colours and fabrics. For these summer looks we’re highlighting new pieces from Needles with styling that is on the eclectic side. However, we feel the warm weather is the perfect time to have some fun. We’re pairing a retro knit polo with track pants and a work shirt with leopard basketball shorts, which may sound audacious but we think the looks speak for themselves.
In a typical Ottawa summer, the heat can get fairly intense, so while hanging out in Centretown we found some shade in a secret area behind the Supreme Court overlooking the river. We also took a walk along the canal and spent some time under the trees at Patterson Creek. 


LOOK 1 - CENTRETOWN: shirt, pants

LOOK 2 - PATTERSON CREEK: shirt, shorts
Photos by William Lalonde