Posted by Lucca Verrelli
With the official arrival of spring, along with the slightly warmer temperatures and the gradual melting arrives our small but exciting final delivery from Engineered Garments. Included is the amazing cover vest in polyester floral camo. The cover vest has been featured in the last few seasons as it is an awesome layer with many pockets. Style it over a t-shirt with some cargo pants, or a button up and shorts — the options are plentiful. We loved the floral camo fabric so much that we had to get the matching explorer hat, which is essentially EG’s take on a boonie hat. Engineered Garments is known for including pockets where you least expect it, and the explorer hat is no exception, with three snap pockets and a chinstrap to keep the hat secure. Additionally, we’ve received a couple of lightweight shirts in the form of the combo short collar shirt and 19th century BD shirt. Both styles feature bright and lively striped patterns, are highly versatile and guaranteed to get you excited about the new season.