Posted by Lucca Verrelli
Yuketen FW21

Yuketen is known for crafting incredibly well-made and sturdy footwear with careful consideration given to all components selected for production. What makes a pair of Yuketen shoes special, however, is how they adapt to the wearer in the form of creasing, scuffs and patina. In other words, a pair of Yuketen shoes will only get better with age. For this season, we have received their 6 eye Maine Guide boot, which is one of their most popular styles inspired by Maine’s wilderness guides and features a Vibram christy sole. We also have received the Angler Moc, inspired by footwear worn by freshwater fishermen in the 50s and 60s. Both of these styles are not only rugged enough to withstand the seasons but they are certainly stylish as well, and we’re happy to add them to our lineup. You can find these styles and more at The Foxhole.