• Need Holiday Gift Ideas?

    Posted by Lucca Verrelli
    The holidays are fast approaching and if you're still looking for some gift ideas for the most discerning shopper on your list, look no further. 

  • FW20 LOOKS

    Posted by Lucca Verrelli

  • Engineered Garments FW20 Collection

    Posted by Lucca Verrelli
    We’re very excited to welcome to the shop Engineered Garments, a brand we’ve admired for many years. Their Fall/Winter collection is inspired by modern jazz, particularly the style of Miles Davis in the 1980s. Established in 1999 by Daiki Suzuki, their entire collection is manufactured in the garment district in New York City, where their parent store "Nepenthes" is also located. 

  • Knickerbocker FW20 Collection

    Posted by Lucca Verrelli
    Knickerbocker cowboy tshirt, jacket and trousers piled up
    We brought in some great pieces from the Knickerbocker Mfg. Co.  FW20 collection.

  • Sugar Cane and Co. Jeans

    Posted by Lucca Verrelli

    Sugar Cane Lot 877 Slim Taper Jeans Distressed

    One of our first brand partnerships since inception has been with Sugar Cane and Co., a brand by parent company Toyo Enterprise that is known for their selvedge denim produced in Japan. Jeans are certainly a staple of anyone's wardrobe due to their versatility and general ubiquity, so for this reason we spent a significant amount of time and careful consideration on what we wanted to sell at the shop. We landed on Sugar Cane because of their heritage, quality and value.