Yuketen Maine Guide 6 Eye DB Boots CP Brown



Yuketen's Maine Guide collection draws inspiration from the early wilderness guides of New England, who in leading European hunters and traders into contact with indigenous North Americans brought about a cultural synthesis most aptly reflected in the boots these guides wore. The close-fitting, stitched wrappings of pliant leather worn by early natives reflected necessity laid bare by the bitterness of winter and the silent tread of the autumn hunt preceding. Modernization of the West brought lasts, dies and outsoles, applying durability to moccasin comfort. Rendered in a higher profile, the classic 'American' guide boot was born, and it is in tribute to the propulsive spirit of the boot's earliest owners that Yuketen has approached a new frontier in its design.

- Horween’s Full Grain Flesh-Out Leather Upper

- Leather Insole + Leather Tuck + Shank + Memory Foam + Arch Support

- Outsole-Grade Leather Midsole + Rubber Midsole + Vibram’s USA-Made Christy Sole

- Genuine Cow Hide Leather Shoelace

- Hand-Cut, Hand-Lasted, and Hand-Stitched

- 9 Layers of Leather, Rubber & PU Compound Bottoming Unit

- Double-Bottomed Spec

- Genuine Moccasin Construction

- 1950’s Most Beloved Moccasin Last

- Handmade in USA